Division for International Cooperation

The Division for International Cooperation was established in September 2016, based on the experience gained through previous international collaborations of HETFA. Our colleagues have broad expertise in preparing and managing EU and internationally funded projects and are members in several EU-wide network.




Main activities


Project preparation

Monitoring funding opportunities, supporting partner search, fostering international networking, project idea development, proposal writing.

Project management

Implementation of approved projects: management, complete financial and administrative coordination of projects, preparation of professional and thematic materials, quality assurance.

Event management and facilitation

Organizing conferences and workshops both offline and online for various target groups, supporting events with thematic and professional materials. Knowledge and use of non-formal and interactive methodologies to engage audiences and participants. Outstanding experience in moderating and facilitating youth project events.

Managing international cooperation portfolio

Supporting and coordinating the international relations of local and regional authorities, including the monitoring of funding opportunities and proposal writing.




Main fields of expertise


Current projects



Past projects

  • iFEMPOWER – Interactive and mentorship based female empowerment in the field of entrepreneurship (2018-2021, Erasmus+ KA2)
  • FAWORIT – Fascinating World of Researchers in the Age of Technology / Researchers’ Night Hungary (2020)
  • V4NE – V4 Network on Entrepreneurship (2019-2020, Visegrad Fund)
  • ENriCH – Reveal YouropEaN Cultural Heritage  (2018-2020, Europe for Citizens)
  • EU3doms – Debate on the Future of the Four Freedoms of the European Union (2016-2017, Europe for Citizens)
  • Youth&SPA – Activating and involving the YOUTH in shaping the future of rural SPA towns (2018-2019, Erasmus+ KA3)
  • SportOverBorders – Sport Cannot Stop at Borders (2017-2018, Interreg HU-HR)
  • RefurbCulture – Energy efficient refurbishment in cultural heritage buildings (2017-2018, Interreg HU-HR)
  • SporTown – Intergenerational Debate on Sport Specific Utilization of Urban Spaces (2018-2019, Erasmus+ KA3)
  • Development of Agricultural Enterprises in the Knowledge based Economy (2015, Visegrad Fund)




Local and county governments, research institutes, universities, non-profit organizations, youth organizations, European associations, think tanks, SMEs etc.

We are open to collaboration in the below programmes:

  • Horizon Europe
  • Interreg Interregional, Transnational and Cross-Border Programmes
  • URBACT European Urban Development Program
  • Creative Europe
  • Erasmus +
  • Europe for Citizens
  • Visegrad Fund
  • LIFE