National Project Development and Management Division


HETFA’s National Project Development and Management Division provides support to its partners in project development and management financed in the framework of EU and national funding programmes. According to our experiences, implementing projects in accordance with the regulations is often more difficult than accessing the grant amount. In order to have successful projects our expert team provides premium services to domestic enterprises, non-profit organisations and governmental bodies, covering the whole project cycle from pre-evaluation of project plans to project implementation and closing, as well as compliance check of maintenance targets.

Main Activities

Project development

  • Preparing applicants to comply with project requirements
  • Exploring funding opportunities
  • Research and need analysis for informed investment decisions
  • Pre-evaluation of project ideas and plans as regards to application requirements and regulations
  • Preparation of project documentation or pre-evaluation of project application packages


Project management

  • Expert project management expertise and consultancy
  • Liaison between the applicant and the funder
  • Coordination support to applicant in project implementation in compliance with regulations
  • Compliance check with contracts, agreements
  • Support in project risk assessment and risk mitigation
  • Support in project modification management including contractual changes
  • Financial management, preparation of financial reports, coordination of financial processes
  • Consultancy in accounting
  • Pre-evaluation of project documentation for final report
  • Assistance in monitoring visits
  • Compliance of project indicators, objectives, targets
  • Compliance with visibility rules
  • Preparation of sustainability reports


For projects carried out by enterprises, our thematic project expertise covers complex investments, technology and infrastructure development, food industry, agriculture, research and development and innovation, tourism and energy.

For projects carried out by governments and non-profits, our expertise covers tourism, green infrastructure, circular economy, energy, local economy development, infrastructure development, urban development and human services development.

Projects and partners

Our clients include domestic enterprises, non-profit organisations and governmental bodies.


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