Climate and Sustainability Lab

The Climate and Sustainability Lab of HETFA provides socio-economic analysis and policy advice on sustainable development. The concept of sustainability is interpreted and examined in the broadest sense, therefore HETFA is looking not only at the protection of natural resources, but also at its impact on the quality of human life and the economy. Our main objective is to mainstream this approach into policy-making processes.

Our activities

This is reflected in our work as well. Previously, we have prepared the Monitoring Report of Hungary’s National Sustainable Development Framework Strategy, and we have carried out a study on behalf of the Budget Council on the interactions between sustainable development and public finances using the example of air pollution.

The European Climate Foundation is an important professional partner of HETFA; at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we prepared a report with recommendations commissioned by the European Climate Fund. The report examined how economic reopening strategies after COVID-19 could be carried out in a way that minimizes economic damage, and how measures can support a sustainable and resilient transformation of the economy. In the frame of our next , we formulated recommendations and concrete project proposal regarding the use of cohesion funds, with the aim of making the sustainability aspects of the use of resources in Hungary more prevalent for the 2021-2027 programming period.

In 2021, on behalf of Habitat for Humanity Hungary, we estimated the macroeconomic impacts of a hypothetical renovation programme to improve the energy efficiency of the domestic housing stock using the HÉTFA CGE model, and quantified a range of other health and economic impacts through cost-benefit analysis. In October 2021, we were granted a public procurement contract by the Blue Planet Foundation’s for the “Development of an integrated preliminary sustainability impact assessment methodology and educational tool helping economists and financial professionals and raising awareness’.


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