Division for Urban and Regional Development

The Division for Territorial and Urban Development was established at the beginning of 2016 to build a knowledge base for our related activities. Thanks to our references from the last year a team counting wide range experienced experts was built. Our experts come from different disciplines, such as architecture, geography, law, sociology, economy and landscape architecture, having experience from public administration and academy.

The office has a wide range of activities from policy making, concept building to implementation and project management. Relating to this, our staff made several action plans and a baseline study. From January 2016, we also participated in strategic preparation and planning of cities for tourism, economic, cultural, green or brownfield development. We sought to enforce the following aspects: during analysing feasibility studies and impact assessment analysis:

  • Laying the foundations for widespread social engagement and creating the possibilities and frameworks of common thinking;
  • Preparing quality improvements to create spaces that are fun and enjoyable for a wide audience;
  • Focusing on positive externalities;
  • Strengthening local communities, local economy;
  • Reinterpretation and highlighting of representative areas and local values;
  • To increase resistance to climate change, to reduce the impact of heat, and to promote water retention;
  • Ensuring sustainability from a social, economic and environmental point of view.




  • County development programs
  • Settlement development concept
  • Integrated settlement development strategy
  • Thematic development programs
  • A strategy for economic recovery and job creation
  • Employment strategy
  • Local community development strategy (TOP-7.1.1-16)


  • Complex tourism development of health resorts (GINOP-7.1.3-2015)
  • Creating a green city (TOP-2.1.2-15)
  • Development and maintenance plan for the green infrastructure network (ZIFFA)
  • Rehabilitation of brownfield sites (TOP-2.1.1-15)


  • Investigating territorial coordination capacities
  • City network impact assessment
  • Impact assessment of the construction of the Fradi Stadium
  • Impact assessment of the construction of the Ludovika campus



  • Prime Ministers’ Office
  • National Development Agency
  • The Certified Public Investment Commissioner for Investment in Budapest
  • National Association of Local Governments
  • Municipality of Tolna County
  • Municipality of Zala County
  • Local Government of Zalaegerszeg Town with County Rights
  • Municipality of Keszthely
  • Municipality of Hévíz
  • Municipality of Lenti
  • Municipality of Dunavarsány
  • Municipality of Budapest
  • Municipality of District 8 Józsefváros, Budapest
  • Municipality of District 17 Rákosmente, Budapest