Creative Industries Lab

In HÉTFA’s Creative Industries Lab our purpose is to understand and analyse the Hungarian cultural and creative industries – so far little is known about these segments of the country’s economy. Nonetheless, creative industries are getting more important in markets such as Hungary since they help creating high added value local jobs, high-return intellectual property and easily exportable services.

Thus, in HÉTFA we think that it is highly important to produce accurate analytical knowledge of the operations of creative industries. Moreover, we are committed to create this knowledge with the help of cutting-edge methods of economics and social science approaches.

In our understanding, creative industries include activities where economic value creation is inseparable from cultural value creation. Creative industries include the film and music industries, theater or fashion industries or areas such as architecture or software engineering. The media, press or the advertising industry are also operating in the creative sector, not to mention activities and events that are closely connected to tourism (e.g. festivals, live events) or to other types of services.

With our colleagues we have already built up serious expertise in some of the above-mentioned areas. In the recent years we made a wide-ranging analysis about the development of the Hungarian creative industries and about the impact of its every day operation. Since 2016, our colleagues compile the annual ProArt Music Industry Reports that are the most comprehensive collections of  the Hungarian music industry’s annual facts and figures (English abstracts are available here). We have also conducted research in the film industry, studied the situation of dubbing workers and analyzed the operation of media markets.

We are experienced in mapping the various segments of creative industries – we know how to ask those good questions that help us understand the problems of our clients. But more importantly, we also know how to produce the knowledge and information that will help us to find the best solutions to these problems.

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