Research activities

The research activity of HETFA focuses on a deeper understanding of the Hungarian economy and society, and on the development of useful analytical tools for those working for the improvement of public relations.

The work of our researchers is primarily based on the approaches of quantitative analysis, institutional economics, macroeconomics, economic sociology, community economics, urbanism and geography.

Our research activities are multifaceted, with the following topics being the main focus:

  • Econometric analysis
  • Analysis of business operations, cooperation, and prosperity
  • Social and economic analysis of Hungarian cities, regions and spatial structure
  • Analysis of the Hungarian economy and society abroad
  • Macro modelling

Ten of our colleagues at the institute have doctoral degrees, four of them are doctoral students, and many other analysts publish in scientific journals. In the past years, HETFA has conducted several OTKA research projects, and we regularly participate projects in Horizon 2020.

An important forum for our research work is Hetfa Workshop Studies, in these frames we have published scientific analyses since 2009.

It is important for our institute to represent the results and social significance of social science. We are one of the main organisers of the Researchers’ Night. We regularly invite researchers to hold a lecture at the HÉTFA Workshop, and articles on topics of social sciences are also constantly published in our magazine, Összkép (Full Image).

The most important element of our training activity is that our researchers regularly teach at top leading Hungarian universities, and at related colleges for advanced studies. In addition, we are pleased to organise training courses and to produce teaching materials. Our most important such project was an impact assessment training organised for governmental mid-level managers.

In addition to the research activities mentioned above, we have received strong support from PADA Foundation and from the Hungarian Competition Authority for our research activities.