HÉTFA is engaged in public policy analysis, economic and social research, as well as regional and urban development. It applies the results of economics, politics and sociology to better understand the particularities of the Hungarian economy and society and the characteristics of Hungarian state operations. Our aim is to support Hungary’s major public and private actors to perform their activities in the highest quality. Established in 2009, today HÉTFA works with 25 internal staff members and 15 permanent experts.

In the past few years HÉTFA has gained extensive experience in many fields. Our main fields of activity:

  • formulating policy strategies for central and local government bodies,
  • analysing government decisions as well as economic and social issues,
  • carrying out evaluations and impact assessments,
  • facilitating cooperation between local decision makers and stakeholders,
  • supporting organizational reforms,
  • conducting international research on governance, development policies, entrepreneurship including female entrepreneurship,
  • presenting our results in a comprehensive way.

Through the Office for Urban and Regional Development, HÉTFA actively supports regional actors, local and county municipalities. We are contributing to the formation and development of their programs and projects, from concept creation to implementation management. We provide support to governmental, municipal and non-governmental actors through our International Office. We are assisting in the development of their international relations, in the elaboration of their projects as well as in seeking for partners and in the realization and implementation of their winning projects.

At HÉTFA Research Institute we have been committed to making the results of our researches and analyses accessible to the public and to initiating a dialogue among different actors. We think that the operation and processes of the Hungarian society and economy should become part of the common talk.

The experts of HÉTFA are committed to supporting decision-makers and the preparation processes of decision-making with their knowledge, in the fields of public affairs and economy, both in national and local level. To achieve this HÉTFA can offer its experience of previous works and its expertise covering a wide range of fields.

Our professional partners include the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Human Capacities, the Ministry of National Economy, the Hungarian Competition Authority and many other central government bodies. We regularly participate in European professional co-operation and have established an extensive network of contacts in the Carpathian Basin and in the wider region.