HÉTFA is based in Budapest, working in public policy analysis, economic and social research, as well as in regional and urban development. By using the tools of economics, political science and sociology the main purpose is to better understand the characteristics of the economy and society.

Established in 2009, today HÉTFA – composed of its two sister companies, HÉTFA Kutatóintézet Kft and HÉTFA Elemző Kft – works with approximately 40 internal staff members and 15-20 permanent external experts. Due to its extensive knowledge-base and widespread partnership network, HÉTFA carries out its research and analytical activity in a wide-range of professional areas e.g. social economy, employment, youth, culture, public administration, SME sector, education, environment protection, climate change, IT, transport, tourism, regional, urban, rural studies etc. HÉTFA conducts research and analysis on regional, national and European level. HÉTFA is a partner in several European research projects and also coordinates consortia in European and other international exercises, having a strong track record in policy evaluation and impact assessment on the national level as well as in the European dimension.

In the past few years HÉTFA has gained extensive experience in the following fields:

  • formulating policy strategies for central and local government bodies,
  • analysing government decisions as well as economic and social issues,
  • carrying out evaluations and impact assessments,
  • facilitating cooperation between local decision makers and stakeholders,
  • supporting organizational reforms,
  • international research relating to governance and enterprises,
  • presenting research and evaluation results in a comprehensive way.

HÉTFA Group offers extensive knowledge and experience, a comprehensive and widespread professional network and its commitment to quality and community. We at HÉTFA are committed to supporting decision-makers and public decisions on national and local issues.

HÉTFA Group consists of the following departments and offices:

Division for International Cooperation

The Division for International Cooperation is responsible within HÉTFA for international networking, building research consortia and tender cooperations, pre-award and post-award research grant management. The Division is also responsible for research related to two specific areas: the advancement of the RMA (Research Management and Administration) profession and the role of women in economy and society. Finally, the Division takes part in proposal preparation and project management for its strategic partners – various NGOs, cultural and educational institutes and local governments. Read more here.

Division for Public Policy and Impact Assessment

Our analysts and researchers at the Division for Public Policy and Impact Assessment have decades of experience as a research analyst and public service leader. Our analysis activities strongly build on the results and methodological basis of economics, political science and sociology.  Read more here.

Division for Urban and Regional Development

The Division for Urban and Regional Development supports regional actors, local and regional administrations, NGOs, policymakers and private actors; contributing to the creation of strategies, programmes and projects from concept to implementation. Read more here.

National Project Development and Management Division

The National Project Development and Management Division provides support to its partners in project development and management financed in the framework of EU and national funding programmes. In order to have successful projects our expert team provides premium services to domestic enterprises, non-profit organisations and governmental bodies, covering the whole project cycle from pre-evaluation of project plans to project implementation and closing, as well as compliance check of maintenance targets. Read more here.

Pannonia Office for Local Development

Pannonia Office for Local Development aims to understand and improve the processes that determine the life of Hungarians in rural areas and across borders. Read more here.

Climate and Sustainability Lab

The Climate and Sustainability Lab of HÉTFA provides socio-economic analysis and policy advice on sustainable development.  Read more here.

Creative Industries Lab

In HÉTFA’s Creative Industries Lab our purpose is to understand and analyse the Cultural and Creative Industries. In the recent years, our analysts and researchers carried out a wide-ranging analysis about the development of the Hungarian creative industries and the impact of its every day operation. Read more here.

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