Adult Education for Social Change – Erasmus+ Strategic partnership project (2020-2022)



The ‘ADULATION- Adult Education for Social Change’ project addresses the needs of adult educators for continuous professional development with a focus on competences to support the active participation of adult learners in society. Today, traditional education methods are not always attractive to all adult learners; especially those with fewer opportunities who often feel uncomfortable in formal settings. ADULATION promotes active citizenship through adult education by creating training opportunities and developing competences of adult educators.


The overall aim of the project is the promotion of active civic engagement through adult education. To achieve this aim, the partners will work on the competence development of adult educators and community educators. Besides leading the communication and dissemination actions of the project, HETFA is responsible for conducting the Research Study on ‘The political dimension of the work of adult educators in Cyprus, Belgium, Hungary, and Italy’. During the 2-year project, the partners will also develop a Handbook on ‘Managing active citizenship initiatives with adult and senior coordinators and volunteers’ and two digital toolkits, one focusing on helping adult educators and learners to enhance civic engagement of adults and seniors, while the other will enable adult educators to run successful online campaigns on issues that affect adult learners. Adult education professionals will be introduced to innovative tools and methodologies to ensure that adult and senior learners with fewer opportunities will become active citizens and volunteers. Greater civic engagement is the foundation for social change and can impact countries and regions throughout Europe.




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You can get acquainted with the details of the project, download useful materials and gain information about the past and upcoming events on the website of ADULATION.


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Grant Agreement number: 2020-1-CY01-KA204-065947