Tourism and SPA

Our Approach

Thanks to the abundance of thermal waters in Hungary local development projects are often closely related to spa developments together with health tourism. Development of these areas bring about the considerations for sustainable economic development, thus our activity involves among others the following tasks:

  • analysis of spatial structural characteristics and image of towns and regions, elaboration of development proposals
  • exploration of unused potentials of towns and regions
  • preparation of business and marketing plans and underlying analysis
  • preparation of interventions aimed at improving the quality of tourism services
  • preparation of interventions aimed at broadening the tourism offer of the towns or regions
  • tourism destination management
  • support for strengthening international relations

HÉTFA Research Institute has actively been engaged in tourism development projects since 2014. Our institute prepared a comprehensive development concept to base planned investments for Hévíz, Hungary’s most visited spa town. Parallel to developments aimed at raising the quality of economic and touristic conditions and broadening the touristic services, our staff were participating in structural planning of the town and in sustainable rationalisation of its traffic infrastructure.

Thanks to drilling in the 1960s thermal water with touristic and medical significance was discovered in Lenti. The town regards the Spa as an untapped potential the development of which will result in strengthening of economy and employment in the region and creation of regional touristic centre. To achieve these goals HÉTFA Research Institute prepared the Spa development concept with wild scale consultations. As a consequence development target areas have been outlined and the planning of Lenti Spa Town has started.

Leading experts



Hévíz Desztinációfejlesztési Stratégiája 2016-2022 (Hévíz Destination Development Strategy 2016-2022) (2016)

Hévíz Gyógyhelyfejlesztési Stratégia (Hévíz Spa Development Strategy) (2016)

Hévíz termelői piac megújulása a hagyományok jegyében (Renewal of farmer’s market of Hévíz in the spirit of traditions) (2016)

A Nagyparkoló tér zöldfelületeinek fejlesztése és gyalogos közlekedési kapcsolatok kialakítása a fenntarthatóság jegyében (Development of green surfaces of Large Parking Lot and preparation of pedestrian traffic connections in the spirit of sustainability) (2016), Hévíz

Hévíz Városának fenntartható közlekedésfejlesztése (Sustainable traffic development of the town of Hévíz) (2016)

Hévíz Átfogó Tóvédelmi Program tervezése (Comprehensive Lake Protection Programme Planning of Hévíz)  (2016)

Lenti gyógyhelyfejlesztési stratégia (Spa development strategy of Lenti) (2016)