Good Governance

The purpose of our ‘Good Governance’ research stream is to provide useful knowledge for the preparation and implementation of public politicy decisions. Thus, our aim is to help committed office-holders, decision makers and participants of public political debates. In our work, we focus on several important fields of governmental governance. For instance, we are working out recommendations which facilitate to make employment more flexible and to integrate people with different background such as the youth, people with lower education, etc. to the labor market. We also have conducted evaluations on the efficiency of the use of EU funds in Hungary relating to the last programming period (2007-2013) with regard to human resource programmes and territorial cohesion. Besides, our expertise covers the preparation of methodologies for the assessment of governmental work, for instance regarding the sustainability of proposed legislative measures.

The main research fields of this stream:

  1. EU funds : Government and impact »
  2. Education, Employment, and Social Inclusion »
  3. Youth: Social Challenges and Policy »
  4. Sustainability »
  5. Active and Healthy Ageing »