Brownfield Developments

Our Approach

The tissue of our towns and cities have been strongly transformed by the constantly changing economic environment, sprawling urbanized areas and the reducing industrial production from the 1990s. As a result, addressing underused, usually contaminated, isolated urban areas has become a prevalent urban question.

Prevalence of the issue is clearly shown by the appearance of renewal, functional change and integration into the urban tissue of brownfield areas in various Hungarian development policy documents. (National Development and Territorial Development Concept – Midterm Economic Strategic Goals, Territorial Operative Programme 2A priority)

Due to sustainability, sprawl of compact urbanized areas and expanding investments redevelopment of underused brownfield areas and developing of high potential areas have become a primary issue in Hungarian cities and mid-sized towns. In 2015 HÉTFA Research Institute prepared development programmes for brownfield areas of Keszthely and Hévíz. The programme contains the following elements:

  • Wide-scale participation and continuation of previously started partnership, assessment of needs and possibilities to base functions.
  • Developing programmes for the areas in question, formation of functional system, realisation of planner concept, joining necessary professional and expert competencies.
  • Developing new magnet functions for the towns, founding long term synergy and high-level integratedness through involvement of planned public area renewals.
  • High level insurance of conditions for economic, environmental and social sustainability and certifying long-term economic management of the planned project elements and thus forming the basis for long-term subsistence.

Thanks to the planned developments, renewal of isolated, underused industrial and military areas have started and in consequence they will turn into a valuable urban areas.

Leading experts:


Finalised materials, references:

Mike, F – Szendrei, Zs. – Iváncsics, V. (2016): Regeneration of brownfield areas in Hévíz – requirement analysis and utilisation plan, (Hévíz barnamezős területek rehabilitációja igényfelmérési és kihasználtsági terv) Hévíz

Iváncsics, V – Szendrei, Zs. – Mike, F. (2016): Regeneration of brownfield areas in Keszthely – requirement analysis and utilisation plan, (Keszthely barnamezős területek rehabilitációja igényfelmérési és kihasználtsági terv), Keszthely