The 6th webinar of the V4+WB RMA Network webinar-series was held on 8 July 2021. More than 80 people joined the webinar via Zoom and Facebook Live.

The webinar focused on exploiting other EU and non-EU funds for supporting R&I projects of EU13 & WB countries. This topic is highly relevant for the V4 (PL, CZ, SK, HU) and Western Balkan countries, since the additional research and innovation funding programmes available for them were presented. The main goal of the project is to support the participation rate of V4+WB countries in the next Horizon Europe programme. However, participating in the presented funds can also strengthen the experience of RMAs from the respective countries.

The invited speakers provided an overview on possible funding opportunities:

  • Marijana Dimitrova (Inter-Edu) presented ‘Your Next Funding Opportunity Is Just Behind The Corner’ and ‘Best Practices in Erasmus+’;
  • Dániel Péter (Visegrad Fund) talked about ‘Supporting research in the V4+ region – Visegrad and Visegrad+ Grants’;
  • Alessandro Lombardo (CEI) offered an overview on the ‘Central European Initiative: funding and networking opportunities for regional cooperation’.

The recorded webinar, among others, will be available on the Learning Material Platform of the project. The Platform is open to anyone who have registered to the Online Expert Pool.


The forthcoming webinar (nr. 7) will be held after the summer holidays, on 22 September 2021, at 10.00-12.00 CET. The webinar will focus on ‘Strategies and tools for science communication’ where our distinguished speakers will shall their expertise about different areas:

  1. Jens Degett (EUSJA, will present the topic of ‘What do you need to know about science communication?’;
  2. Izabela Warwas (University of Lodz) will introduce good practices and practical tools of an institutions based in Visegrad countries;
  3. Thomas Deane (Trinity College Dublin) will present tips and tricks of successful science communication;
  4. Lorenzo Barabani (Horizon Results Booster services, META Group) will talk about ‘Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation in Horizon Europe’.

You can reach the agenda and registration details here. The webinar is free of charge; however, registration is required. Reserve your place and save the date!

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