Online Expert Pool

The Online Expert Pool is a database to share profiles of RMAs, funding advisors, National Contact Points (NCPs) of EU Research and Innovation Framework Programmes (FPs) and any relevant expert working on the interface of science to reinforce a sustainable network and knowledge sharing of RMAs in V4+WB countries. Apart from gathering the profiles, the ultimate goal of the Online Expert Pool is to make the RMA profession visible, and facilitate making connections among the registered partners (direct and mutual support, potential future partner search for R&I projects). As soon as more and more experts will register in the pool, it will be possible for any interested person looking for some crucial information or practical knowledge for its work, to search for the relevant expertise in the online pool and contact him or her directly.

The benefits of joining the Online Expert Pool – beyond gaining new contacts – is to have access to the Learning Material Platform that will be the repository of all learning materials, webinar recordings and support tools produced by the project. For more information, check it out here.


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