The ‘SciLMi – Meta-Scientific Literacies in the (Mis-)Information Age’ Erasmus+ Teacher Academy project aims to equip educators with the necessary competences needed to foster meta-scientific literacies of secondary-school students. The meta-scientific literacy skills promoted by the project are necessary to counter the misinformation in our increasingly digital world, where trust in science and authorities has eroded drastically in the last decade.

The SciLMi project started in June 2023. Throughout the 3 years of the project, the SciLMi consortium develops, pilots and evaluates cross-disciplinary mobility programmes and trainings for pre- and in-service teachers to provide them with the required competences, digital skills and inclusive teaching strategies to educate the future generation. The project offers teacher training programmes focusing on critical thinking, digital media literacy, and inclusive classroom practices. As a partner of the project, HÉTFA is responsible for leading the work package focusing on the development of the evaluation design, and for the implementation of the evaluation of SciLMi programmes and trainings.

Through a collaborative, pan-European hub, SciLMi aspires to create a lasting impact on education systems. The SciLMi Hub consists of entities involved in both initial and continuous teacher education, schools, teacher associations, education authorities, foundations, NGOs, libraries, science centres, and other pertinent stakeholders. The SciLMi Hub will create a collaborative environment where different educational experts can work together. This collaboration will help improve meta-scientific literacies by bringing in a variety of perspectives and expertise into the joint work. We encourage the Hub members to participate in various activities and conferences. By 2025, over 100 Hub teachers and trainers will participate in SciLMi Teacher Trainings and Scale-Up Events.

The first ever Hub of the SciLMi project will take place online, on 27 June 2024.  The Kick-Off Hub features a diverse mix of keynotes, round tables, info sessions and workshops. Key topics include the importance of meta-scientific literacies, collaborative strategies, and practical teaching methods. Highlights feature a keynote by Prof. Dr. Jonathan Osborne and detailed discussions on integrating meta-scientific literacies into curricula, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging program for participants. For more details, visit the website of the SciLMi Hub Kick-Off. Registration is needed for participation, which can be done through this link.