The HÉTFA Research Institute is a member of the team that recently launched the MEET project (MEntal WEll-being in Education for disadvantaged YOUth). The project is funded by the Interreg Danube Region Programme. The project led by Zentrum für Soziale Innovation focuses on practices and policy opportunities in the field of informal and formal education, that support the mental health of young people. Partners from Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Moldova, Romania, Slovenia and Ukraine participate in this initiative. The MEET project will be active in three fields:

  • In the field of youth work, MEET will develop and test inclusive youth-centred tools and curricula for educators, social workers, practitioners and young people at risk.
  • MEET is setting up Youth Mental Health Labs involving different relevant organisations from health, youth services and education to create new and cross-sectoral collaborations in mental health and to disseminate knowledge on mental health.
  • In the policy field, MEET will develop transnational strategies and local action plans for integrating mental health into education and make recommendations to policy makers on how to address the importance of mental health better in formal and informal education.

This project is supported by the Interreg Danube Region Programme project co-funded by the European Union.