HÉTFA successfully completed the test and validation session for the RESTART project on 7 August 2023 in Budapest, Hungary for a student group.

The RESTART project focuses on developing an innovative training to equip the European VET ecosystem with demand-driven training content to accompany SMEs and the European workforce to help them become more resilient when they restart in a post-pandemic socio-economic context.

HÉTFA as a partner in RESTART tested and validated the „Business models for MSMEs in the post-COVID era” training module with 25 participants in two sessions in June and August. We received valuable feedback from the participants, which will be used to further develop the modules and the Online Education Platform. The students and young professionals who took part in the training expressed that they found the training content enjoyable and valuable for their professional growth.

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Visit the project website to know more: www.restartproject.eu