With the contribution of experts from HÉTFA, a new study under the title „Balaton as a functional large lake region through the lens of governance – opportunities for integrated development” has recently been published in Tér és Társadalom (‘Space and Society’), a quarterly scientific journal of the Institute for Regional Studies, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies ELRN.

The study explores the governance of integrated territorial development based on functional regions and focuses on the large lake regions as functional spaces. Additionally, it presents the results of ESPON LAKES, an international research project analysing the state of the integrated regional development of Lake Balaton, Lake Constance and Lake Vänern with the aim to point out areas for improvement related to regional governance and to present good practices that can be exemplary for other large lake regions.

One of the main findings of the study is that the activities and role of the Lake Balaton Development Council (LBDC) in Lake Balaton Region can serve as a good example for other European regions. However, a more effective integration of sectoral aspects would be necessary in the case of Balaton to cope with the old and new expectations and to manage the conflicts in the region.

The full study is available here: https://tet.rkk.hu/index.php/TeT/article/view/3461/5695