The project foRMAtion was invited to the inaugural ad hoc workshop of the ERA Action 17. The Action 17 forms part of the European Research Area (ERA) Agenda and aims to enhance the strategic capabilities of European research performing and funding organizations. This signifies the EU’s intention to address and find solutions for the challenges faced by research managers and administrators (RMAs) in Europe, including the uneven distribution of RMA communities and expertise across the continent, the need for training, acquisition of new skills, and networking opportunities for RMAs, as well as the lack of recognition for the profession of research managers or research support staff.

ERA Action 17 is sponsored by two Member States – Germany and Hungary – and the Aurora network of universities. Their primary role is to stimulate discussions on the implementation of the Action, propose topics for workshops, and develop recommendations that can be incorporated into relevant policies.

The first ad hoc workshop of ERA Action 17 took place in Brussels on 16th March 2023. Representatives from Member States, leading stakeholder organizations, and exemplary projects were invited to attend. The primary focus of the discussion was on the recognition of RMAs, which involved showcasing existing regional and national initiatives and identifying gaps that should be addressed either by the European Commission or Member State governments.

The main results and impacts of foRMAtion were summarized by Virág Zsár, Senior Grant Advisory of HETFA. Among the initiatives presented, foRMAtion was the only one that specifically targeted university students, raising awareness about the profession and offering a potential career pathway. Additionally, partners elaborated high-quality, open-source materials which can be used by a wide audience across Europe, including students, teachers, professors, early career RMAs, and trainer providing trainings for researchers or RMAs.

The next workshop of ERA Action 17 is taking place in Budapest on 10 May 2023. The event is organized during the Ambassador Meeting of the RM ROADMAP project, hosted by HETFA Research Institute.

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