Our colleague from HETFA’s Creative Industries Lab, Katalin Gordos, attended the MESOC final conference on exploring and assessing the societal impacts of culture. The event took place between 9-10 March 2023 in Paris, France.

MESOC is a Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Action designed to propose, test and validate an innovative and original approach to measuring the societal value and impacts of culture and cultural policies and practices. MESOC is carried out by 10 partners from 7 European countries. The objectives of the MESOC Action are relevant to Profeedback COST Action, one of the flagship initiatives of HETFA in the field of policy evaluation, as well as to HETFA’s Creative Industries Lab.

During the MESOC final conference, we explored how the MESOC deliverables can be useful for HETFA, how we can create synergy between MESOC and Profeedback and how HETFA’s Creative Industries Lab can join similar initiatives in the future in the field of cultural policy evaluation and the impact assessment of cultural initiatives.

In HETFA’s Creative Industries Lab our purpose is to understand and analyse the Cultural and Creative Sectors. In the recent years we made a wide-ranging analysis about the development of the Hungarian creative industries and about the impact of its everyday operation. We have also conducted research in the film industry, studied the situation of dubbing workers and analysed the operation of media markets. With our expertise in direct EU funding programmes, our aim is to support and pursue the fundraising and internationalisation efforts of the sector in Hungary.

More info on HÉTFA’s Profeedback COST Action here.

More info on MESOC Action here.

Full programme of the MESOC final conference here.

For more information about HETFA’s Creative Industries Lab, please contact info@hetfa.hu.

Photo credit: Culture4health