The foRMAtion project held its final event in Brussels on 30 November 2022. More than 70 people showed up in person and approximately 300 people followed the online streaming, including policy makers, RMA experts and representatives of higher education institutions.  On the previous day, the consortium partners and the Advisory Board gathered to evaluate the projects’ achievements in a last project meeting. In addition, the foRMAtion international curriculum and mentorship programme were further promoted through specialised training events offered to teachers and mentors.

The agenda of the event was very ambitious, including opening speeches, presentations and a roundtable discussion. Among other high-level speakers, the keynote speech was delivered by Stijn Delauré, Policy Officer at DG R&I of the European Commission. During the event, colleagues of HETFA intensely participated in the event and delivered presentations. Virág Zsár, Senior Grant Advisor and coordinator of the foRMAtion project, and Judit Fekete, Senior Project Manager from HÉTFA Research Institute introduced the speakers and moderated the event. Gábor Balás, Managing Director of HÉTFA Research Institute talked about past and present initiatives of HÉTFA to advance the RMA profession internationally. Krisztina Kovács from HÉTFA Research Institute outlined the foRMAtion Mentorship Programme and the experiences of the pilot testing with six students that graduated from the foRMAtion courses.

The project has been an intense journey through multiple highs and a few lows, due to the pandemic, but the consortium can be genuinely proud of its achievements in the field of research management training in higher education. Although the foRMAtion project is coming to its end, we do not stop! Join the Educational Module Alliance and the Mentorship Alliance and become part of a unique RMA community. To get support and access to training events and online gatherings, contact us at

Presentations of the event:

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