The 3rd transnational meeting of the ADULATION consortium was held on 2 December 2021. Partners from Hungary, Italy, Belgium and Cyprus focused on the “ADULATION Handbook- Managing active citizenship initiatives with adult and senior coordinators and volunteers” with the aim of finalizing itThe team shared a few comments and recommendations, thus finalising this intellectual output. After that, they checked the progress of the following intellectual output: “ADULATION Training Toolkit- Enhancing citizenship of adult and senior learners” in order to review it before its finalization. Some important decisions were taken by the partners concerning the finalization of the Training Toolkit: all the suggestions and the feedback collected will be implemented in the next weeks.

Finally, the project consortium brainstormed on the first steps of the “ADULATION Toolkit for Successful Online Campaigns and Petitions”, which will enable adult educators understand social media and provide them with tools and procedures to run successful online campaigns on issues that affect the adult learners and the societies they live in.

The meeting was very interesting and productive: the next project activities to be implemented were defined and will be announced in the near future.

Between 2-4 December 2021, Seal Cyprus, as project coordinator organised a training event in the framework of the ADULATION project. Two adult educators/trainers represented each partner country (Italy, Belgium, Hungary and Cyprus).

At the beginning, the project coordinator welcomed all the participants and introduced the agenda of the Learning Activities and of the In-service Training Programme planned. Seal Cyprus presented the first teaching method – Photovoice; all the partners actively participated in the presentation of this educational tool, sharing ideas and critical points on the use of Photovoice. Then other partners provided their contribution to the Training and Learning activities session:

  • HETFA Research Institute (Hungary) provided a detailed presentation of the Storytelling (from its origin to its latest developments) and its advantages as an educational tool. All the partners participated sharing professional experiences on the storytelling use.
  • Training2000 (Italy) explained the main functionalities of Educational Animation as learning tool. In particular, 3 useful didactic tools were described: Quizlet, Socrative and Mentimeter; the participants were involved in interactive activities concerning the Right to privacy and data protection in order to test the effectiveness of these tools.
  • Alphabet Formation (Belgium) presented the Kahoot! game-based learning platform applied to the issue of Euroscepticism: all the partners actively participated in the race proposed by the trainers. The trainees appreciated the idea, outlining the importance of using Kahoot! as a learning and teaching tool.

Finally, an open discussion closed the learning event: the partners shared their impressions and remarks.

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