Research Management and Administration

HETFA Working paper supporting the framing and conceptualization of an educational program for RMAs

The aim of the paper is to identify those conditions, skills and competences that are necessary for the preparation and implementation of excellent European educational, research and innovation projects. It also examines training needs possibly implemented through higher educational programmes which can support the training of future experts working on such projects.

There are huge differences in the recognition of the profession, educational and training opportunities as well as possible carrier paths even among EU Member States. While in the Anglo-Saxon countries and in North-western European countries there is a broad scale of opportunities available for people working in this fields, in many other countries even their position is not clearly defined. Nevertheless, the role of Research Managers and Administrators (RMAs) and/or Funding Advisors is getting more and more important due to the increasing competitiveness in the field of research, innovation and educational funds.

The paper provides a brief overview of the literature of dealing with research management and persons working in this profession. Then it analyses the survey circulated among research managers working on educational, research and innovation projects throughout Europe. Based on this it summarizes the findings and formulates recommendations for possible interventions at national and EU level.

The paper is available here >>

BESTPRAC: the voice of research administrators building a network of excellence

BESTPRAC is a COST Targeted Network that gathers administrative, financial and legal staff at universities and research-driven institutions who are carrying out different tasks to support transnational external competition based (in particular EU funded) research projects.

The network serves as a platform for exchanging experiences, sharing and developing best practices, encouraging knowledge sharing, knowledge transfer and increasing efficiency in these fields.

BESTPRAC activities can be divided into three groups: Working groups, Training schools and Short-term mobilities.

Virág Zsár, Coordinator of the Division for International Cooperation is involved in the action as Vice-Leader of Working Group 1 focusing on administrative issues related to the preparation of research and innovation projects. Our colleagues generally take part in the preparation, implementation and follow up of BESTPRAC meetings, compilation of useful materials as well as through the cross-cutting groups, for paving the way for the sustainment of the action.

Thus, we work together with research managers and EU funding advisors from 38 European countries in knowledge and experience exchange programmes to draw up EU research and innovation resources more efficiently.

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