An article under the title Vulnerable groups in labour organization practice; written by Luca Koltai and Katalin Bördős (Head of Division and Analyst of the the Division for Public Policy and Impact Assessment) was published in the latest issue of the Hungarian New Labour Review (Új Munkaügyi Szemle). The article summarizes the practical experience of employment departments with specific target groups of job-seekers, based on previous research and methodological guide prepared by HÉTFA. The research focused on youth under 25, unemployed elderly over 50 and and long-term unemployed.

According to the main findings of the article, the proportion of long-term unemployed facing significant disadvantages is increasing in the current labour market demand. They would need special support and services: for these target groups complex programmes combining multiple measures are the most effective, however, job centre workers do not have additional resources to help them.

The article can be downloaded here (only Hungarian).