On 27-28 September 2019, participants of the Researcher’s Night can get an insight into researchers’ closed world. On this special occasion, universities, high school labs, research and art institutes will open their doors to participants who would like to experience science at first hand.

In 2019, HÉTFA is among the organizers of the event again. The role of the institute is significant as our colleagues prepare the annual impact study of the programme which measures the demographic and social characteristics of the Researchers’ Night visitors and their attitudes towards scientific research.

Like in the previous years, the program series aims to show the relevance of Research and Innovation (R&I), to bring science closer to society and to make the research career attractive especially for young people. The event series has now become the largest science-educational festival in Hungary with more than 2600 programs running at 260 venues. Participants will experience an extremely wide range of programs including lectures, workshops, talks, exhibitions, guided tours, experiments, lab visits, shows, competitions, film screenings and creative workshops. All programs organized under Researchers’ Night are free to attend. More information on programs, venues, dates, registration and on researchers themselves is available on the Researchers’ Night’s website and on its official Facebook page.

Researchers’ Night is a Europe-wide event supported by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 / Marie Skłodowska-Curie programme. In Hungary, the project is coordinated by Regional Centre for Information and Scientific Development partnering with HÉTFA Research Institute, Bay Zoltán Non-profit Ltd., Women in Science Association and TIT Society for Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge.