The last training school organized by BESTPRAC COST action was held in Zagreb on 1-3 July. BESTPRAC, as the voice of research managers and administrators aims to connect professionals working in the preparation and mangement of EU funded research and innovation projects. To do so, several activities have been carried out in recent years, from half-yearly conferences and working group meetings, through individual scientific missions to intensive and interactive training schools.

For this time the training school focused on “How to support successful grant proposals in Horizon Europe: from Cross-cutting Issues to Grant Writing”. The 3 day long event was the second event occasion concentrating on this topic due to the huge number of interested applicants. In total 34 research managers and administrators participated at the training from various European universities or research performing organizations

The sessions were held by 3 trainers, including the Virág Zsár, the Coordinator of the Divison for International Cooperation at HETFA. Our colleague prepared an interactive and participative session for participants on science communication which took place on the 3rd day. The aim was to jointly discuss the importance, relevance as well as possible tools and target groups of science communication of EU funded research and innovation projects. The topic is getting more and more awareness because it is not only the expectation of research funders to communicate and disseminate the research results but also general citizens expect to get access to the research outcomes. Our knowledge and experiences from this field were also channelled into the presentation.