People can get an insight into the backstage of researchers’ closed world this year again: Researchers’ Night will be held on 28-29 September. This is the first time that the event will last for two days, offering over 2500 programs throughout Hungary. HÉTFA is among the organizers in 2018 as well and, as in the last 8 years, our colleagues prepare the impact study of the event again.

The aim of the event, initiated by European Commission, is to demonstrate the relevance of Research and Innovation (R&I) and to make the research career attractive. The final programs will be available on the Researchers’ Night’s website on 4 September. You can register for the programs from 12 September; however, until then, it is worth keeping an eye on the official Facebook page to keep you updated on important and interesting information relating to the event.

Due to the fact that 2018 is dedicated to the European Year of Cultural Heritage, several museums in Budapest and in the countryside will take part in the event in this year, such as the Hungarian National Museum, Petőfi Literature Museum and The Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology and Transport.

The organizer team is a professional consortium, organizing the event for years and supported by EU Horizon 2020 / Marie Skłodowska-Curie Program. The project is coordinated by Regional Centre for Information and Scientific Development partnering with HÉTFA Research Institute, Bay Zoltán Non-profit Ltd., Women in Science Association and TIT Society for Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge.