The international project “EU3doms: Debate on the Four Freedoms of the European Union” was sucessfulle completed with the support of the International Project office of HÉTFA.

Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Romania and the candidate country Serbia have participated in the project which aimed to exchange experiences and common thoughts. Hungary was represented by Hévíz. As part of the project, seven events under the title “Day of the Four Freedoms” were organized in Hévíz with the assistance of the International Project Office of HÉTFA. During the day, participants discussed the future and the challenges of the EU’s freedoms and presented good practices related to this subject.

Within the framework of the project, we conducted an online survey on the opinion of young people in the participating countries. A paper summed up Its results and the experiences of the project events. Virág Zsár presented the report at the closing conference in Kismarton. The final study is available here.

The EU3doms project, implemented under the Europe for Citizens Programme, has been presented several times as a good practice of international cooperation. Virág Zsár, coordinator of the International Project Office of HÉTFA, presented the accepted project plan at the information day organized by Európa Pont. At the Tempus Public Foundation conference titled “The Future of Europe”, the EU3doms project community was represented by János József Kepli, Deputy Mayor of Hévíz. In the spirit of the Europe for Citizens Programme, both events focused on the dialogue on the future of Europe by presenting successful tenders and project examples.