Palgrave Macmillan Publisher published a volume summarizing the results of an international agricultural research carried out under the leadership of HÉTFA. The title of the book: Managing Agricultural Enterprises – Exploring Profitability and Best Practice in Central Europe.

In addition to HÉTFA, the University of Debrecen, the University of Lodz (Poland) and the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (Czech Republic) participated in the project called Development of Agricultural Enterprises in the Knowledge-based Economy. International Visegrad Fund supported this research. The cooperation focused on issues related to the management of agricultural enterprises.

The recently published volume presents the results of the analysis conducted in the participating countries and summarizes the lessons. The paper of Klára Major (leader of the project and research director of HÉTFA) and Judit Kocsis (project manager of HÉTFA) focused on the typical difficulties of companies in the agricultural sector. The supply of leaders is a core issue, agricultural sector does not provide a sufficiently attractive perspective for younger generations. Moreover, the management and expertise of agricultural companies do not always correspond to the competitiveness challenges. The third problem of businesses in the surveyed countries is inadequate capitalization. Results of the project suggest that agricultural companies in the old and new EU member states face similar problems.

For more details on the research please read previous news. Information about the closing conference taken place at the University of Debrecen is available here.