The volume examines the community development impact of the use of water and of water controls through historical case studies. The examples from the middle ages until the second half of the 20th century illustrate the Hungarian history.

The studies in the volume can enlarge our historical knowledge related to one of the most significant natural resources, the water. The community use of rivers and lakes, the control of floods and droughts, the protection of our waters from pollution are issues that meant tasks and challenges for many generations. We hope that this volume, through presenting historical examples and the background will help to understand today’s problems and to create common answers to them.

HETFA contributed to edit the book, to organise the conference presenting the studies and to the implementation of OTKA research project that made the whole project financially possible. Krisztina Horváth Gergely, as editor has a prominent role in this work.

With the implementation of the OTKA research project, HETFA aimed at proving that it can contribute to certain fields of science as one of the workshop of institutional economics in Hungary, this occasion to the professional dialogue motivating both historians and economist. With the publication of the volume, the writers, as HETFA also, show tribute to them memory of Andras Vari, friend and colleague, died painfully betimes.

The Volume of the studies are available in Hungarian.