The Assessment of Territorial Coordination Capacities was conducted between July 2012 and March 2013. The aim of the evaluation was to formulate recommendations for the improvement of regional coordination of developments. The assessment examines (1) the recent practice concerning coordination of developments and (2) summarizes the experiences of stakeholders of development policy and regional administration. Additionally, (3) it was also important to assess the challenges posed by the change of the national and EU regulations, as well, as the introduction of new EU instruments, such as the Integrated Territorial Investments (ITI), the Community-led Local Development (CLLD), and possible answers for these challenges. The recommendations are formulated in the three above mentioned fields with the aim of helping decision-makers reinforce the institutional background of regional coordination.

The consortium of Pannon.Analysing Office and HÉTFA Center for Analyses were commissioned by the National Development Agency to carry out the “Assessment of Territorial Coordination Capacities”.

Research report is available in English