After successfully closing the project, a poster summarising the outcomes of HÉTFA’s foRMAtion project has been prepared for this year’s EARMA (European Association of Research Managers and Administrators) Conference. The conference, which took place in Prague, brought together more than 1400 participants from various European countries and around the world. The program featured engaging presentations, discussions, and networking opportunities.

Prior to the event, participants had the opportunity to submit posters on specific topics, including Research Information Systems, EARMA and professional associations, impact, professional development and recognition, international perspectives, leadership, open science, responsible research and innovation, policy, strategy, evaluation, and foresight, proposal development, project management, support services and team building. A total of 49 posters were showcased.

Focusing on the theme of professional development and recognition, HÉTFA’s foRMAtion poster highlighted the project’s partnership, key achievements and recently established alliances aimed at expanding the network and supporting the long-term adoption and adaptation of project results. The poster generated significant interest during the poster session as well as throughout the conference, leading to the recognition and awarding of the Expert Panel Prize. Moreover, the Expert Panel emphasized the project’s significance as a pioneering initiative in raising awareness about the profession among university students and professors, while also creating exceptional learning materials and other valuable resources for a broader community of professionals.

The poster will next be presented at the INORMS Congress (International Network of Research Management Societies) held in Durban, South Africa, from 30 May to 2 June 2023.

The poster prepared by Virág Zsár (HETFA Research Institute), Cristina Oliveira, and Margarida Trindade (NOVA University of Lisbon) can be downloaded here.


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