Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency – Innovations and International Co-operation

Artur Bobovnicky, MSc., PhD.

Previous Projects/Publications:

  • Communication strategy of the Slovak Tourist Board 2010-2013: One of the biggest research and analysis project in tourism in last ten years covering 18 worldwide countries. More that 8 consultants and one professional research agency involved in collecting face-to-face
  • Entrepreneurial Discovery Process for SK RIS3 Jul 2017 – Jan 2018 Project description Analytical support for 3 ministries (Economy, Agriculture and Health) and Office of vive prime minister for investments in the data gathering for update of SK RIS3
  • Matzler, K. et al.: Brand personality and culture: The role of cultural differencies on the impact of brand personality perceptions on tourist´visit intensions publication description Tourism Management vol. 52 , 507-520 publication description Read it carefuly , and you´ll find interesting implication for both tourism research and destination management

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