Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Kosice regional chamber

Monika Kočiová, M.A.

Previous Projects/Publications: 

  • InnoService (Cross Border Innovation Service Portfolio), Interreg Slovakia-Hungary Programme, SKHU/1601/4.1/046, Kosice regional chamber of the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Lead beneficiary: Banska Bystrica Chamber of Commerce and Industry),, Summary: Firstly, this project aims at strengthening and improving cooperation capacity and cooperation efficiency among Slovak and Hungarian Chambers of Commerce and Industry by increasing their staff members’ knowledge and experiences in the specific innovation servi provided for entrepreneurs. Secondly, through a newly developed common on-line service “Crcrss-border Innovation Service portfolio” the chambers will gather and provide all information on R&D infrastructure and innovation services in the area South-East Slovakia and North-East Hungary at one place available 24 hours a day for anyone interested. In this way, the chambers stimulate innovation-oriented cross-border cooperation among entrepreneurs and knowledge providers in effective way by using modern ICT solutions as internet and mobile phone applications. This altogether will contribute to the increased social and economic cohesion and smart and sustainable growth of the Slovak-Hungarian cross-border region.
  • Kosice regional chamber of the SCCI has an extensive experience in cross border cooperation on various levels and cooperates closely with foreign partners. KRC organizes trade missions, conferences and workshops in collaboration with its partners in the neighbouring regions and has effectively and successfully conducted various cross-border cooperation projects in recent years. KRC SCCI offers the following services: – Services in the development of regional, national and international trade and relations – Services in the field of certificates of origin of goods and ATA carnets – Education services – organizing workshops, seminars and training sessions on current issues – SCCI Information and Advisory Services – Young Entrepreneur Platform (support for young entrepreneurs under the age of 30) – etc.

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