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Ágnes Mosolygó-Kiss 

Previous Projects/Publications: 

  • Budapest LAB is an excellence centre of Entrepreneurship at Budapest Business School. It’s Family Business Research Programme was launched in 2016. The Research Group did the first systematic quantitative and then qualitative research in different topics on Family Businesses in Hungary to understand their nature and role in society. I am a key member of the succession research team. Our publications could be found here: 
  •  STEP – Succesful Transgenerational Entrepreneurship Practices. This long- term interational research is examining family business succession in a comparative way. Hungary joined this Babson- led research in 2018, as the first country of the CEE region. I am the research group leader at the Budapest Business School, coordinating the whole Hungarian research. This Year internatinally collected 1800 responses on successful transgenerational entrepreneurship practises and we are delivering case studies for a deeper understanding. For more info on the reserch, members and publications please visit: 
  • Team Academy Budapest – Budapest Business School implemented an innovative Finnish method into its education system in 2012. At our university, Team Academy is a specialization at the 3rd and 4th year of the BA studies. We as coaches help our young entrepreneurs to build their businesses in teams during their studies. We do not offer classes but trainings. We do not use exams but we dialogue. We build on personal commitment. Students do not study for school but for life, gaining real experience and building business networks throughout this 1.5 years period. Our programme was rewarded in 2018 as the national winner of The European Enterprise Promotion Awards in the category of “Investing in Entrepreneurial Skills”. For more info on what we do and how we do it please visit:
  • I was managing the Hungarian Live Wire foundation for 4 years supporting young entrepreneurs (specially the ones with disadvantages) to start their own businesses. This organisation was one of the earliest ones forming the entrepreneurial culture in Hungary after the regime changed – a lot earlier then we could even hear about startup culture. We offered mentoring and councelling pro bono for young entrepreneurs and also financial help (support and micro-credits) and we organised several entrepreneurial competitions to help these youngsters to gain visibility and serious feedbacks on their idea & get the validity check. The foundation (that was supported by Prince Charles and Shell company) ended up its activity after 20 years in 2013 by fulfilling its aim. Fb page is still there for its community: 
  • I am doctoral candidate at the Business School of Corvinus University of Budapest at the Strategy specialization. My research area is family business succession, with a focus on the successors’ readiness for the succession process. Find my publications, conference papers here:

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