Call for abstracts

The conference aims to attract papers and posters that contribute to providing theoretical concepts and quantitative/qualitative methodological solutions to forward the participants’ repertoire of evaluating policies borne from black swan events.

We encourage and highly welcome critical, multi- and interdisciplinary abstracts in the topic areas outlined below. Submissions are welcome from 4 focal thematic areas (relevant papers beyond these focal areas are welcome too):

  1. Applicability of the black swan theory to evaluation
  2. Comparing evaluation methods and exploring examples of evaluations supporting policy repsonses to black swans
  3. Evaluating the long-term impacts of black swans on policy-making
  4. Comparative assessment of the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic across EU regions

Authors need to submit an extended abstract of up to two pages pages (1000 words) in English by 23:59 on March 6th 2022. Abstracts must be sent to, by indicating the Conference area they refer to (areas 1 to 4, see above; a maximum of two areas can be indicated). The abstract should clearly indicate questions, methodology and results, as well as their relevance and implications for advancing the policy evaluation tools related to black swan events.

Abstracts will undergo peer review until the middle of March 2022 by a Reviewer Task Force set up by the three Working Groups engaged in the PROFEEDBACK project. Invited presenters will be notified by March 14th 2022. Completing the papers based on the accepted abstracts is a prerequisite to presenting at the conference. All accepted abstracts will be published in the Conference booklet, which will be made available online ahead of the event.