Our colleague from the International Office, Zsuzsa Radnai, was invited to the Central European Networking Event (CENE 2018) to present the project titled ”Debate on the Future of the Four Freedoms of the European Union (EU3doms)”, led by the Municipality of Hévíz.

CENE 2018 is a networking event being held on October 10-12, 2018 in Bratislava for organizations and municipalities in the Central European Region interested in the Europe for Citizens programme (EU4C). The event is organized by the Europe for Citizens Contact Point Slovakia with the cooperation of the EU4C Contact Points of Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and Luxembourg.

Participants of the seminar came from these five countries to take part in a workshop of preparing applications considering their own ideas of possible projects while going through all phases of the project development. Projects already implemented were also introduced to share good practices and exchange experiences related to this concrete EU Programme. Thus, the event aims to establish contacts and develop ideas for future cooperation within the Europe for Citizens Programme.

Hévíz implemented the project EU3doms with 4 partners within the framework of EU4C Programme, under the specific measure called Network of Towns. The project started in November 2016 and lasted one year. The main goal of the project EU3doms was to launch a series of debate on the future of Europe with a special focus on the 4 freedoms of the EU. The debate with various target groups of citizens aimed to engage them directly in several aspects of their life through taking part in discussions, making them aware of the possibility of shaping policies. The overview of the project is available here.

HÉTFA supported Hévíz not only in the management of this project but also in the professional tasks, with conducting research, preparing a background study as well as holding workshops. (More information on the outputs of the project are available here.)

Since participants started to work on concrete project ideas and to form partnerships we are looking forward to continuing this potential collaboration and submitting a joint proposal either for Hévíz or for HÉTFA.