HETFA Research Institute

Type of organization: Private research oriented institution

Areas of interest: research; international cooperation between SMEs; developing joint projects; networking; data analyzis, evaluation; SME; female employment and entrepreneurship; young employment and entrepreneurship;  linkages of business with social economy; statistical analysis and modelling; innovation; family entrepreneurship; social entrepreneurship, rural entrepreneurship; legal regulations, bureaucracy; entrepreneurial education; regional development policy; economic link between small and medium-sized businesses and municipalities; impact of public support for enterprises; evaluation of Social Programmes; competitiveness.

Main field of expertise / research: entrepreneurship, self-employment; interest representation of small and medium-sized enterprises; regulations concerning entrepreneurs and SMEs, business climate, institutional environment; small and medium-sized enterprises; family enterprises; female entrepreneurship; social enterprises.

HETFA is an independent think thank providing useful and evidence-based analyses on national and local issues for decision-makers and the policy expert community. HETFA uses a multidisciplinary approach in its research covering many fields, including entrepreneurship, social enterprises, women entrepreneurs.

HETFA is involved, either as coordinator or as partner, in several EU funded or international projects, i.e.:

  • „Measuring What Matters to EU Citizens: Social Progress in the European Regions” project commissioned by DG REGIO (2018-2019)
  • „iFEMPOWER: Interactive and mentorship based FEMale emPOWERment in the field of entrepreneurship” funded by Erasmus + Programme (2018-2021)
  • V4 Network on Entrepreneurship funded by the Visegrad Fund (2019-2020)
  • COST action TN1302 BESTPRAC „the voice of research administrators building a network of administrative excellence” (2017-2019)
  • FAWORIT 2018-2019, Researchers’ Night funded by Horizon 2020 Programme (and its predecessors since 2010)
  • Development of Agricultural Enterprises in the Knowledge-based Economy funded by the Visegrad Fund (2015)
  • Expert Evaluation Network commissioned by DG REGIO (2012-2013)

Relevant Publications:

  • HETFA Working Paper No. 2017/27 Fanni Bobák, Réka Geambaşu, Zsuzsa Radnai and Virág Zsár (2017): Female entrepreneurs – women in enterprises: Motivation, work-life balance, and challenges ISSN 2062-378X
  • HETFA Working Paper No. 2017/22 Réka Geambaşu (2017): Hungarian family businesses in abroad. ISSN 2062-378
  • Gabor Balas, Gabriella Borbas and Gabor Kiss (2013), Hungary – Country Report on Achievements of Cohesion Policy. Expert evaluation network delivering policy analysis on the performance of Cohesion Policy 2007-2013
  • HETFA Background Papers No. 7. (2011): Response of Entrepreneurs to the New Széchenyi Plan. ISBN 978-963-89112-3-0; ISSN 2062-3798

Contact Info:

Division for International Cooperation

  • E-mail address: internationaloffice@hetfa.hu
  • Phone number: +36 30 383 5038
  • Website of the organisation: https://hetfa.eu/