Martin Šlachta doc.

University of South Bohemia Previous Projects/Publications: Lecturing the issue of regional management Lecturing the issue of ESIF and business development Contact Info:  E-mail address:

Michal Tkac, Associate professor (Doc.) PhD.

University of Economics in Bratislava  Previous Projects/Publications: ECOOP – Digital cooperatives, Interreg IV.C, 1038R4, 2012-2014. Total budget: € 2,408,225, the budget for PHF as a partner – 114,990.88 euros. Principal investigator was national...

Sabina Kasoń M.A.

Idea Institute Ltd. Contact Info: E-mail address: Phone number: +48500367996

Maria Kotkiewicz, PhD student (master)

Jagiellonian University in Cracow and INVEST Institute for Personal Development Foundation Previous Projects/Publications:  Think locally, act globally: Polish farmers in the global world of sustainable development and resistance to crisis “(project under the...