Publications prepared by HETFA and our fellows are collected at this site and sorted along four categories:

1. HETFA Working Paper Series »

Our Working Paper series includes studies published in compliance with scientific standards, investigating examined problems comprehensively, and analyzing corresponding factors in details.

2. Research Reports »

Our research, analytical or evaluation works are generally summarized in research reports highlighting the methodology, the environment and the resources of the work; the main findings and conclusions; and if relevant, recommendations.

3. HETFA Background Paper Series »

Parts of the Background Paper Series include shorter professional analyses and the results of debates organized by HETFA. The purpose of these debates is to introduce the relationships of public politics to a wide range of readers.

4. Our Experts’ Publications »

The list of our fellows’ publications (including peer reviewed and others) is published on this site aiming to display their scientific work executed beyond the frames of HETFA.