Call for Applications: V4+WB RMA Network Plus Training School


The V4+WB RMA Network Plus project led by HETFA Research Institute and supported by the International Visegrad Fund is pleased to announce the first training school on „Financial Management of EU research and innovation projects“. The training organised by the Serbian Association of Research Managers and Administrators – SARMA will take place on 27-28 February 2024, in Belgrade, Serbia.


The training aims to enhance the hard and soft skills of Research Managers and Administrators (RMAs) (read target group part) responsible for handling budgeting and financial aspects of EU-funded research and innovation projects.

Attendance is free of charge, but subject to selection procedure. SARMA will support (with the support of the IVF) up to 10 participants by covering the costs of travel and accommodation.

Target group

The target group for the training is Research Managers and Administrators (RMAs) including funding and legal advisors, finance managers, research support professionals,innovation managers, technology transfer professionals, professionals working on the interface of science (such as NCPs-) based in V4+WB countries.

Selection criteria

Applicants will be selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Professional background and experience in research management and administration and direct involvement in budgeting and financial aspects of EU-funded projects.
  2. Geographical focus on V4+WB countries, with an emphasis on diversity and inclusivity.
  3. Demonstrated commitment to knowledge sharing within professional communities.
  4. A proven track record of professional experience.

Applicants will be notified of the results of the selection process by 26 January 2024.

Key information

  • Deadline for submission of applications: 19 January 2024. (Please complete the application form below and register to the Online Expert Pool)
  • Results of the selection procedure: 26 January 2024.
  • Training school date: 27-28 February 2024.
  • Location: Serbia, Belgrade, Hotel M
  • The agenda is available here.

For more information, contact the Serbian Association of Research Managers and Administrators – SARMA:

Application form