Get yourself a seat at the International Conference focusing on SMEs in V4 countries

Our first public event will be held on 25-26 September 2019, in Budapest, Hungary. The international conference under the title ‘Challenges and good practices of SMEs in V4 countries’ aims to share information and knowledge about the issues which are the most pressing and the most inspiring for SMEs in the Visegrad countries nowadays. The event is also aiming at networking, participants will discover potential opportunities, initiatives and synergies related to SMEs and entrepreneurship throughout the V4 countries.

To do so, we are inviting experts and stakeholders, active in the field of entrepreneurship from Visegrad countries to get involved in interactive discussions. We have compiled a colourful program to launch dialogue on the numerous aspects of entrepreneurship and small businesses. The conference will tackle different trends in Europe and in the Visegrad countries from circular economy, industry 4.0, through female entrepreneurship to start-ups. To make the event even more special, we will use interactive methods (e.g. elevator pitch, pecha kucha presentations) and different digital tools.

Check the agenda of the conference here.

In case you need accommodation, we recommend these options in Budapest.

The attendance at the conference is free of charge but registration is necessary by filling this registration form until 23 August. Those who cannot attend in person, certain parts of the conference will be live streamed on the V4 Network on Entrepreneurship Facebook page.

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