Courses on Impact Assessment

HETFA Research Institute held several impact assessment courses between January and July 2013. The project was procured by the Hungarian Office of Public Administration and Justice and financed by EU grants. These courses included trainings both for analysts and public managers. Participants were senior officials and members of middle level management in Hungarian central administration.

Impact assessment methodology trainings focused on the methods and techniques necessary to measure and evaluate regulatory decisions. These lectures were recommended for experts who frequently face questions related to the effects and results of government decisions.

Impact assessment management trainings discussed the benefits, opportunities and risks of different assessment techniques, the necessary steps of managing impact assessment processes, and the possible means of strengthening the soundness and acceptance of assessment. These trainings were designed for experts and leaders who face the need and difficulty of channeling fact-based information for decision-making processes day after day.

Handbook prepared for the impact assessment methodology training is only available in Hungarian

Handbook prepared for the impact assessment management training is only available in Hungarian