WEgate summit event 2022

Hardships and opportunities – Financial support for women entrepreneurs and start-uppers in Central and Eastern Europe


HÉTFA Research Institute organizes an online round table discussion and networking event on Monday 3rd October, 2022 between 14.00-16.00 (CET).

The discussion will focus on the financial opportunities and strategies women entrepreneurs/start uppers have to develop their enterprises with a focus on the Central Eastern European context. We will cover the following interrelated topics: 

  • The hardships women entrepreneurs face when launching their companies in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), looking for or willing to offer investments, especially at the early development stages of the enterprises;
  • How to support women entrepreneurs/start-uppers in business and innovation decision making, in finding investors, mentors and networks to build on in CEE;
  • Experiences of women to be stakeholders in innovation and business by offering knowledge, contacts, mentoring and networks for innovative entrepreneurs, start-up founders and potential business angel investors in CEE;
  • Reflecting on the impacts of the recent crises of COVID-19 on the resiliency and prospects of women-led businesses in CEE.

Round table participants include:

To be announced soon

Who is this event for:

  • Women innovators, entrepreneurs, start-up founders
  • Women/business angels/ investors, upcoming investors
  • Business supporting communities and NGOs
  • Anyone who is interested in the topic

Event agenda:

Welcoming and Introduction by HETFA Research Institute

Key speaker presentation on impacts of the recent crises of COVID-19 regarding women-led enterprises and start-ups in CEE, investment and women entrepreneurs in CEE

Round table discussion with invited experts

Summing up and Q&A session


This event organized in collaboration with the WEgate Summit 2022.