The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) has recently invited HÉTFA Research Institute to present its ongoing ESPON research project, “Territorialising Resilience: Transforming Europe for an Age of Crisis [TERRES]”.

The European Committee of the Regions serves the voice of the regions and cities of the European Union, representing local and regional authorities across the EU and advising on new legislation that affects regions and cities. Mr Ilpo Heltimoinen was recently appointed by the Committee of the Regions to draft an opinion on Shock-proofing European regions: ‘Strengthening local and regional economic resilience in the strategic evolution of the Single Market ‘.

As the Committee of the Regions’ opinion and the ongoing ESPON research project “Territorialising Resilience: Transforming Europe for an Age of Crisis [TERRES]“, led by HÉTFA, also addresses the issue of territorial resilience, the Committee invited HÉTFA researchers to contribute to the elaboration of  its opinion by presenting their research findings to date.

At the event held on 14 May 2024, Anna Renáta Jaksa, Head of the Division for International Cooperation, outlined the specificities of the project, which aims to provide decisive answers on how to define and measure territorial resilience in European regions and how decision-makers can respond more effectively to future crises.

This collaboration demonstrates the synergies between the work of the Committee of the Regions and the research capabilities of the HÉTFA, underlining the contribution of the Institute and its project partners to the development of resilient economic policies across the EU.

For up-to-date information on our research on territorial resilience, links to publications and opportunities to contribute to the project, please do not hesitate to contact us directly: