RM Roadmap is a project funded by the HORIZON Europe Programme (Grant Agreement 101058475), which aims to create a framework for Research Management (RM) by establishing a roadmap for the future of the profession and a community to support researchers in order to strengthen the European Research Area. The Preliminary Report on the ERA-wide landscape showcases the first results in the timeframe of the 3-year project, developed by Virág Zsár, (Senior Grant Advisor of HÉTFA) and Blanka Csite (Junior Project Manager of HÉTFA) in August, 2023.

The investigation consisted of multiple methods serving qualitative research, including literature review, focus group discussions, online interviews and the summary of the results of an in-person workshop. Following the literature review and the presentation of the preliminary results, the main gaps and needs are highlighted in order to give orientation to the project work for the upcoming two years. The richness of the preliminary results enables us to formulate recommendations to the various stakeholders, including national and European policymakers, research funding organisations, research performing organizations and professionals on the field. The recommendations can be found at the end of the report.

In order to get a more detailed picture, we are working on the full report by analysing the online survey results collected from the survey, which is available here, (open till May 2024) and validating these results through the co-creations organised by the project RM Roadmap. The full report is due to be completed by June 2025.

The Preliminary Report is available on this link. Our detailed summary about the most important findings of the report is available here.

More information of the RM Roadmap Project can be found on this website.