The kick-off meeting of the ESIRA project has been organised on 17-18 January 2024. ESIRA is supported by Horizon Europe, the EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation, and it aims to enhance social inclusion in rural areas, with a focus on people in a vulnerable situation and social economy. HÉTFA, as a member of the consortium is responsible for WP4, which aims to research the drivers of rural marginalisation and the opportunities of community-led social economy initiatives for social inclusion.

Various kinds of information were discussed that are necessary for successful cooperation, such as the consortium structure of the project and the way and timing of the development of the planned activities. However, an equally important aspect of the meeting was the exchange of views on the difficulties and opportunities for development in rural areas. These professional discussions of the participants laid the foundations for 4 years of joint work.

Luca Koltai, Research Director at HÉTFA, presented HÉTFA’s work to the project partners at the beginning of the kick-off meeting. Kinga Tóth, Deputy Research Director at HÉTFA, presented the methodological and operational aspects of the work package coordinated by HÉTFA.