The RM Roadmap project is set to embark on a groundbreaking co-creation process that will bring together research managers from 40 European countries. Our mission is to engage in a comprehensive dialogue about the current research management landscape within their respective countries.

The RM Roadmap project – funded under Horizon Europe – aims to support the strengthening of an inclusive research management community in Europe. As a member of the consortium, HÉTFA is responsible for leading the work package on Intelligence aiming to gather and assess the current state of the art and gaps in the field of research management.

The RM ROADMAP project now connects existing European networks on a smart community platform (Knowledge and Community Platform) which will enable an unprecedented co-creation process and discussion on research management. These discussions will be organized into dedicated groups for each country, led by the national RM Roadmap Ambassador. The first online session will commence on 2 October 2023 and will conclude on 13 October 2023. The topic of the session is ‘Understand the landscape – national networks and associations’. Following these discussions, RM Roadmap Ambassadors will compile country-specific consensus documents. Subsequently, national research management communities will vote on these documents, and the insights will inform both the European Commission and European research management.

This initiative involves diverse research management professionals collaborating with researchers to enhance research quality. The active participation of RMs from various backgrounds ensures diverse perspectives enrich the project, benefiting the broader Research and Innovation (R&I) system in Europe.

You can already register to the online platform which enables you to take part in the co-creation. Please consult the co-creation session guides and FAQs here.

Watch the Knowledge and Community Platform demonstration video.