The RESTART project slowly comes to an end, and the consortium is ready to share the results with the public.

The international conference of RESTART will take place in Budapest on 14 September 2023, in collaboration with IPOSZ, the Hungarian Association of Craftsmen’s Corporations.

HÉTFA is the lead partner of the final project result called RESTART Position Paper & Mainstreaming Guidelines. The report represents the operational climate of RESTART that culminates with results to amplify and maximise impact of the project at systemic level while providing guidance for the implementation of the RESTART training system.

Besides this, the conference will also present the RESTART project in general, and the Open Education Platform that offers a comprehensive training programme for SMEs and the VET ecosystem.

The participation is free of charge. On-site registration is required after arriving at the conference.

If you have any questions, please contact Krisztina Kovács, HÉTFA Research Institute, +36 20 532 3202,