HÉTFA is a partner in a project called PRODUCTION³, which has been chosen to receive support from Creative Europe. This is a significant step forward for HÉTFA’s Creative Industries Lab as it expands and becomes more international in scope.

The winning project, PRODUCTION³, falls under the category of Creative Europe European Cooperation Projects. HÉTFA collaborates with Valley of Arts (Hungary), Artemrede (Portugal), and Artlink (Serbia) to bring this project to fruition.

At the heart of the PRODUCTION³ project is the focus on audience development. It aims to adapt to changes in audience behavior and expectations by redefining how different stakeholders of the creative value chain interact. The ultimate goal is to foster innovation in reaching out to participants, fans and patrons. The name PRODUCTION³ comes from the project’s three main target groups: art production creators, art production hosts, and art production end-users, represented as P³.

To achieve its objectives, the project plans to experiment with new collaboration models among various players in the creative value chain. It explores audience-centric approaches to production across diverse contexts and facilitate the exchange of expertise in audience engagement among participating countries. Throughout these endeavors, the project is supported by thorough research and evaluation – led by HÉTFA, which yield valuable and sustainable outcomes for the broader Cultural and Creative Sector.

HÉTFA holds a pivotal role in the research aspect of the project. Through impact evaluation and in-depth studies, HÉTFA contributes to the better understanding new audience demands, as well as to the testing and development of innovative audience development methods in collaboration with project partners.