We are thrilled to announce that the ESIRA project has been selected for support under the Horizon Europe, the EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation.

HÉTFA is one of the partner organisations in the ESIRA project. The new project expands HÉTFA’s Horizon Europe portfolio, representing a further important step in building international research community with our experts’ participation.

ESIRA aims to support innovation and grassroots community building in marginalised rural communities. Over the course of the four-year project, consortium members will monitor, research and facilitate innovation spaces created and led by rural communities, as well as support the implementation of social economic initiatives that strengthen the empowerment and improvement of living conditions of different vulnerable groups of the population, through improved (social) services, economic diversification and sustainable management of natural capital.

The core of ESIRA’s accomplishment lies within its collaborative network. The project unites a diverse consortium comprising 15 partners from 8 countries, including Spain, Hungary, Serbia, Poland, Lithuania, Italy, Norway, and France. These partners consist of universities, research institutes, networks, and local organizations responsible for project implementation. This collaborative endeavor underscores a shared dedication to driving positive transformations in rural regions.